What Is Machine Made pebbles? How to use it

What Is Machine Made pebbles?

 Let’s look at some pictures first

These stones can be seen everywhere in our lives, roadsides, flower beds, courtyards and so on.

Machine Made pebbles

Machine made stone can be divided into machine grinding or manual bonding. Machine grinding: grind the edges and corners of crushed stones into a smooth and non angular shape. Compared with natural pebbles, their smoothness is very poor, and the SiO2 content of natural pebbles is also relatively high. Manual bonding: micro powder is used for bonding and forming, the shape can be controlled at will, and the smoothness can be a regular circular sphere, but the compressive strength of the finished product is not as good as that of natural pebbles.

Machine made stone  are usually laid on the wall and ground of outdoor buildings.

Pebbles with color treatment are generally laid in the indoor part as decorative ornaments in some parts.

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