Some Cool Ideas To Use Pebble Stone Indoors

Interior decoration is closely related to everyone’s life. Creating a healthy, comfortable and elegant indoor environment has become an important topic for modern people to learn.

There are several ways to fill your interior with items of decor that bring some nature inside of your living space. You can use tree pieces or pebbles and other natural stones. Here are some interesting ideas showing you the second way. Among them you can find interesting solutions showing how to decorate furniture with pebbles, combine them with candles and flowers, or even use painted pebbles. These ideas can be used as indoors as outdoors, so enjoy!

Natural Black Pebbles
polished pebbles
Polished Pebbles
AA Grade High polished black pebble
AA Grade Pebbles
high polished pebbles
AAA Grade Pebbles

Don’t underestimate these little pebbles, as long as you use your imagination and creativity, they can become incredible objects in your home.

Walls and floors

Natural materials such as pebble stone and wood are generally environmentally friendly. Except for some materials that are not suitable for household use, or materials with a certain amount of radiation, they can all be used. Pebbles can be used as a combination of ground and wall decorations, ethereal It is extraordinary.

Table Decor

How to incorporate pebbles into table decor? First of all, you can make some pebble trivets and placemats, they will make it feel natural. Second, you may place some pebbles on the table runner and add candles, and of course you may put some into clear vases with blooms or into an aquarium with floating candles and greenery.

Bathroom Decor

Go for pebble clad walls and floors in the bathrooms! It can be a single statement wall, the whole floor or its part to highlight some space, or all the walls done with pebbles. Highlight the shower space with pebbles or go for some larger rocks placed around the tub to add a spa feel.


A fireplace might be clad with pebbles for safety and a cool natural look or you may go for bold contemporary gas fire bowls and fireplaces with pebbles on top for decor. You may place them both outdoors and indoors.

Natural Mixed Pebbles
Polished Pebbles
AA Grade High polished mixed pebble
AA Grade Pebbles
Mixed color high polished pebbles
AAA Grade Pebbles

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