AA Grade High Polished Black Pebble


AA Grade High Polished Black Pebble

Polished Black Pebble
AA Grade High polished black pebble


Elevate your garden decor with the sophistication of AA Grade High Polished Black Pebbles by Bloom Stone. Available in sizes from 1-2cm to 5-8cm, these pebbles offer high-quality polishing just a step below AAA grade. With over 15 years of expertise, Bloom Stone provides a one-stop service from Jiangsu, China, to Nanjing, ensuring swift delivery and affordability. Explore the opulence of polished pebbles, your gateway to garden luxury.

black polished pebbles

AA Grade High Polished Black Pebbles offer a balance of quality and affordability. These pebbles, just a step below AAA grade polishing, maintain high standards of brightness and quality while providing a cost-effective solution. This makes them the preferred choice for customers seeking both elegance and value.


**Sizes for Every Project:**

The versatility of these polished pebbles is reflected in their range of sizes:

– **1-2cm:** Perfect for intricate designs and small garden spaces.
– **2-3cm:** Strikes a balance between detail and coverage, ideal for various garden projects.
– **3-5cm:** A versatile size suitable for a range of landscaping applications.
– **5-8cm:** Makes a bold statement, adding a touch of grandeur to larger garden areas.

Polished Black Pebble

**Versatility in Garden Decoration:**

AA Grade High Polished Black Pebbles are designed to enhance your outdoor spaces in various ways:

**1. Garden Beds:** Create stunning contrasts by using these pebbles to outline and accentuate your garden beds. The high-polished surface reflects light, adding a dynamic element to your landscaping.

**2. Pathways:** Design inviting pathways that stand out with the luxurious sheen of these pebbles. Whether winding through a garden or leading to a focal point, the polished black finish adds elegance to the journey.

**3. Water Features:** Accentuate the beauty of water features by incorporating AA Grade High Polished Black Pebbles. Their reflective surface enhances the visual appeal of ponds, fountains, and water edges.

**4. Decorative Accents:** Let your creativity flourish by using these pebbles for decorative accents. From creating patterns to crafting unique garden art, the possibilities are endless.

Polished Black Pebble

**Bloom Stone Advantages:**

With over 15 years of production and export experience, Bloom Stone is a trusted name in the industry. Our one-stop service simplifies your experience, ensuring seamless transitions from selection to delivery. We take pride in delivering quality that exceeds expectations, making us a preferred choice for those who seek the finest in landscaping products.

**Origin, Port of Shipment, and Delivery Time:**

Bloom Stone operates from Jiangsu, China, a hub of craftsmanship and innovation. The port of shipment is Nanjing, chosen for its efficiency and accessibility. With a commitment to prompt service, our standard delivery time ranges from 15 to 30 working days, ensuring your garden projects stay on schedule.

**Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ):**

To cater to projects of all sizes, our MOQ is set at 3 tons, providing flexibility for your landscaping endeavors.

**Order Your AA Grade High Polished Black Pebbles Today:**

Ready to elevate your garden decor with the sophistication of AA Grade High Polished Black Pebbles? Explore Bloom Stone’s collection and place your order today. Benefit from our competitive pricing, swift delivery, and the assurance of quality that comes with over 15 years of industry expertise.

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AA Grade High Polished Black Pebbles by Bloom Stone are more than landscaping elements; they are a statement of affordable opulence. Elevate your garden decor with these versatile pebbles that promise to add a touch of sophistication to every corner. Transform your outdoor spaces with Bloom Stone’s AA Grade High Polished Black Pebbles, where each piece tells a story of elegance and affordability.


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