Snow White Pebble​

Tumbled Snow White Pebble From Bloom Stone

Embrace the timeless elegance of nature with our exquisite Tumbled Snow White Pebble, meticulously crafted and sourced from the finest Snow White marble. Each pebble undergoes a specialized tumbling process, resulting in smooth, rounded surfaces that showcase the natural beauty and purity of the stone. Available in a range of sizes including 0.5-1.5cm, 1-2cm, 2-3cm, 3-5cm, and 5-8cm, our Tumbled Snow White Pebble offers versatility and charm for a myriad of design projects.

Snow White Pebbles - Applications:

Elevate your indoor and outdoor spaces with the versatile applications of Tumbled Snow White Pebble:

snow white pebble
  • Landscaping: Create stunning pathways, borders, and accents in gardens, parks, and outdoor spaces, adding a touch of sophistication and tranquility.
  • Water Features: Enhance the beauty of ponds, fountains, and waterfalls with the reflective properties of Snow White pebbles, bringing serenity and elegance to any water feature.
  • Interior Design: Add visual interest and texture to interior spaces with creative uses of Tumbled Snow White Pebble in showers, backsplashes, accent walls, and flooring, infusing rooms with timeless charm and character.
  • Craft Projects: Incorporate these pebbles into craft projects such as candle holders, terrariums, and table centerpieces, adding a natural element and a touch of sophistication to your creations.
Snow White Pebble​
Natural Mixed Pebbles
Polished Pebbles
AA Grade High polished mixed pebble
AA Grade Pebbles
Mixed color high polished pebbles
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Our commitment to quality extends to our packaging solutions. Tumbled Snow White Pebble is available in a variety of packaging options tailored to your needs:

  • Standard Packaging: Choose from 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, and 25kg plastic bags or ton bags for bulk shipments, with the option to include pallets or wooden crates for added protection.
  • Customized Packaging: Take advantage of our free design services to create custom-printed plastic bags and cardboard boxes that reflect your brand identity and enhance the presentation of our products.

Factory Introduction:

Bloom Stone takes pride in being a leading producer of premium decorative stone products. Established in 2008, our state-of-the-art facility in Jiangsu Yizheng spans over 5000 square meters and features advanced machinery including polishing machines and production lines. With a focus on quality control and innovation, our experienced team ensures that each Tumbled Snow White Pebble meets the highest standards of excellence before reaching our customers worldwide. Backed by long-term partnerships with reliable freight agents, we offer comprehensive shipping services to deliver our products to your doorstep with efficiency and reliability.

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polished pebbles
Polished Pebbles
AA Grade High polished black pebble
AA Grade Pebbles
high polished pebbles
AAA Grade Pebbles

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