Mixed Color River Rock from Bloom Stone

River Rock:Nature's Chromatic Diversity

Our Multicolored River Pebbles showcase a rich spectrum of colors inspired by nature’s own palette. From the classic elegance of black and white to the warmth of red and yellow, along with playful striped variations, each pebble is a unique testament to the beauty found in diversity.

Natural Mixed Pebbles
Polished Pebbles
AA Grade High polished mixed pebble
AA Grade Pebbles
Mixed color high polished pebbles
AAA Grade Pebbles

River Rock Versatile Applications:

1. Garden Landscaping:

Transform your garden into a canvas of colors, combining these pebbles to create vibrant borders or intricate patterns that reflect the beauty of the outdoors.

2. Pathway Magic:

Create enchanting pathways and walkways by incorporating a mosaic of colors, customizing designs that captivate the eye and elevate the overall aesthetic.

3. Interior Elegance:

Bring the allure of nature indoors by integrating Multicolored River Pebbles into your interior design. From accent walls to decorative vases, these pebbles add a touch of sophistication to any living space.

4. Water Features:

Enhance the visual appeal of water features, such as ponds or fountains, by incorporating these pebbles. The dynamic interplay of colors adds a captivating and calming effect.

5. Creative Art Projects:

Unleash your artistic side in DIY projects, crafting unique stepping stones, mosaic tabletops, or personalized garden art that reflects your style and creativity.

Sizes for Every Project:

Our Multicolored River Pebbles are available in various sizes, ensuring flexibility for projects of any scale:

– Small (0.5-1.5cm)
– Medium (1-2cm)
– Large (2-3cm)
– Extra Large (3-5cm)
– Robust (5-8cm)

Polishing Grades:

To meet diverse preferences, our Multicolored River Pebbles come in different polishing grades:


Natural Pebbble Stone

Embrace the raw beauty of natural river pebbles, perfect for projects seeking an authentic, untouched aesthetic.

Normal Polishd Pebble Stone

Achieve a refined look with our standard polished pebbles, enhancing their natural colors and textures.

AA Grade High polished mixed pebble

AA Grade Polishd Pebble Stone

Elevate your design with AA polished pebbles, offering enhanced shine and luminosity for a touch of brilliance.

Mixed color high polished pebbles

AAA Grade Polishd Pebble Stone

Opt for the highest level of polished perfection with AAA-grade pebbles, ideal for projects that demand the utmost in quality and visual impact.

Quality Assurance:

Bloom Stone is dedicated to delivering quality that surpasses expectations. Each Multicolored River Pebble undergoes rigorous selection, ensuring uniformity, durability, and a smooth finish. Your satisfaction is our priority, and our commitment to quality guarantees the longevity and visual appeal of your chosen pebbles.

In conclusion, our Multicolored River Pebbles offer not only a spectrum of colors but also a canvas for your creativity. Whether you’re designing an outdoor oasis, a captivating pathway, or an interior masterpiece, these pebbles elevate your projects to new heights. Embrace the beauty, versatility, and polished brilliance of Multicolored River Pebbles, and let nature’s palette inspire your design journey.

Explore the possibilities with Bloom Stone – where every pebble tells a colorful and polished story.

About Bloom Stone​

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Natural Black Pebbles
polished pebbles
Polished Pebbles
AA Grade High polished black pebble
AA Grade Pebbles
high polished pebbles
AAA Grade Pebbles

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