When i am old,i want to have a yard

“People always want to grow old, but we should try to grow old slowly.”

When we were young, we always ran hard to see the higher mountains and the more beautiful sea. Have you ever thought about what kind of life you want to live when you are old?

Go to find a piece of land, build a small yard, look up in the mountains, rivers and fields, and bow down to fence flowers.

There is no need to worry about those fidgety things, no need to run forward desperately, just slow down and live. Choose a place with good mountains and water, have a small yard, several houses, and watch the scenery in the yard together, and enjoy flowers and snow together. Play jokes on each other and get along with each other in the most comfortable manner. Whether it is rural or by the lake in the mountains.

A villa and several houses are connected. Everyone is busy with their own business. Just shout when eating. “The traffic in the fields and the birds and dogs meet each other” in “Peach Blossom Land” is probably the best state of cohabitation.

In Texas, the United States, there are four pairs of empty-nest elderly people who live in the wilderness and their children are absent, but they do not feel bleak at all. They enjoy their life. They open the door to be good friends, and open the window to have a panoramic view of the mountains and rivers. It turned out that these four old couples were friends for 20 years. When they were young, they were busy with their family and career, and finally retired. They agreed to “live together for the elderly”. Such “cohabitation” is a kind of “partner pension”. Choose to live next to each other and share the same interests: drinking tea, planting vegetables, walking, raising flowers, having dinner and traveling. Take care of each other. Compared with the monotonous life in the nursing home, such a life is really enviable.

But we can live a better life on the way of getting old. If I can, I want to stay with you for the elderly when I am old. The story of four couples in Texas, the United States, “supporting the elderly in a group”, enlightens the elderly around the world. With lovers around and friends next door, even if they are old, they should have their own lives.

In Hangzhou, there is a place called Common Home, where retired husbands and wives can choose to live next to each other. There is a clear spring in front of the house, with its back against the deep mountains and forests. It is a beautiful day to visit the berry garden, pick wild vegetables, and visit the farm.

Even if you stumble, you still love life. Three or five friends, living together for the elderly, planting flowers, playing chess, writing together… steal leisure and live a life of immortality.

Time will take away our youth, but not our dreams. Grandma Moses began painting at the age of 78, held an exhibition at the age of 80, and was praised by the President at the age of 101. As long as you want, life is never too late to start. Life is also like four seasons,

“The most romantic thing I can think of is to grow old with you.” May we all grow old in our favorite way.

Pebble stone is a good choice for laying yard

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