Natural pebble stones are beneficial to health

The ground is paved with pebbles, which is good for decoration and good for health.
Ordinary pebbles are inanimate, but after careful selection and regular placement and paving, you will feel that these pebbles are “alive”. Last time we talked about gravel, this time we’re talking about pebbles. Irregularly shaped pebbles can be used to outline the shape, or laid on the pavement, to liven up the path in the courtyard.

The combination of stones and plants can create a natural, comfortable and elegant living environment in the courtyard. Some scattered pebbles can also be placed in the waterscape, which will make the waterscape appear more natural.

And after scientific research, it has been found that the elderly over 60 years old walk on the cobblestone path for half an hour every day, and after walking for 4 consecutive months, the high blood pressure will be significantly reduced, and the balance and coordination of the body will also be improved. Significant improvement.

Therefore, our humble cobblestones can not only decorate the courtyard very beautifully, but also be beneficial to health, why not do it?

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