When The Courtyard Meets Pebble Stone, Feel Different Beauty!

How are pebble stone formed

Pebble stone is defined as an accessory product of mining yellow sand. It is named because it looks like a pebble. It is a kind of pure natural stone.

Color due to the different types and contents of some pigment ions dissolved in silica hydrothermal solution, the pebbles show a variety of colors, such as black, white, yellow, red, dark green, cyan and so on.

pebble stone 

When they all live in bungalows,

I envy a few people who live in buildings,

Tall buildings have no dust and no noise,

But now the building is no longer the height that everyone envies,

I found that the bungalow is so beautiful!

pebble stone

Just the pebble stone floor,It’s amazing enough.

Like pebbles pouring out of a ceramic jar,

Plant a beautiful flower in the middle,

Form an independent small scene!

It can be beautiful without flowerpots and flower beds. People can’t forget it at a glance!

pebble stone

Pebbles and old wood in the old house,

Together and layered,

Also advanced, very tasteful!

Walking around on intricate wood,

Also very interesting!

Pebble + tile + slate.

The lines are soft and round, and the layers are rich and diverse,

Let the yard design become rich!

Stones of different colors,

Irregular boundaries made of large stones,

Casual but elegant!

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