1×2 Rectangle Mosaic Glass Pieces

Transparent Blue Square Mosaic Tiles Tiny Mosaic Glass Pieces for Crafts Supply Handmade Art Craft Decoration.

Rectangle Glass Cube

Size: 1X2cm square glass tile pieces;Tiles are 0.4cm thick.
Material:Made of high-quality glass material, the edge of the mosaic is polished, super smooth and safe.
Easy To Use:The flat back allows you to stick them easily. You can use your imagination and use our mosaic supplies bulk to paste on cups, plates, photo frames, night lights, candle holders, mural crafts.
Suggestion: Because it is packed by hand, it will be a bit dusty. Recommend friends to wash it with water before use, this will make the mosaic crafts overall brighter and more transparent.

Mosaic Glass Pieces
Mosaic Glass Pieces

How to use assorted colors and square mosaic supplies to make a satisfactory handicraft?

If you are a beginner, please don’t worry about how to make mosaic crafts. Our mosaic products will help you make satisfactory crafts.

Production steps of mosaic crafts:
1. Imagine the pattern to be made on the craft to be made.
2. Paste the mosaic glass with glass glue or 502, and then paste it on the pattern. There needs to be a little gap between the two glass plates.
3. Prepare for caulking, put on gloves, and start filling.
4. Let it stand for a few minutes and wait for the caulking to dry. Then wipe the glass plate with a sponge.

Note: Small parts, please stay away from children under 5 to avoid accidental ingestion.

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