Multicolor Decorative Flat Pebble Tile for Floor

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Description of Flat Pebble Tile

Product name:
Flat Pebble Stone Tile
15 days/container
nature river stone
PVC bags/Tonne Bags/Pallets
50000 tons/year
1 ton

Beautiful, Natural Stones – Designed with real, auburn-colored pebbles, these square tiles feature 1” to 2” stones that offer even footing and a premium look.

This kind of pebble tile can be used as heat insulation mat, coaster, tableware mat in the kitchen, can also be laid on the ground, can also be used in the bathroom, has the function of foot massage, can be placed in the garden to pave the road, create a beautiful courtyard.

Generally, the size of each pebble tile is 30.5cm * 30.5cm. After the pebbles are cut, the flat side is evenly pasted on the grid cloth, and all the pebbles can be seamlessly spliced to form a whole, so that the whole yard can be paved.

You can also customize special sizes. Not everyone needs 30.5cm pebble tiles, which we can also do.

Generally, there are five colors: black, white, yellow, red and mixed colors. Stripes can also be made, but the raw materials of stripes are few, so the price is relatively expensive.

The pebble tiles are also graded. The brightness of the pebble is different. The pebble is our main product. The price of the pebble tiles made of different grades of pebble is different. The better the quality of the cobblestone tiles, the better the look.

The pebble tiles are generally divided into three types:Double Side Sliced Pebble Tile,Flat pebble tile and Standing Pebble Tile.

Double Side Sliced Pebble Tile and Flat pebble tile are generally used on the ground, and Standing Pebble Tiles are generally used on the wall.

You can also lay patterns according to your preferences through different colors of pebbles, which is very creative and fashionable.

Common packaging

Customizable packaging.

The pebble tiles need to be packed more carefully to prevent breaking during transportation.

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