Natural Crushed Black Gravel Pebble for Garden Landscaping

Natural Crushed Black Gravel Pebble for Garden Landscaping, find complete details about Black Gravel Stone, Gravel for garden, decorative gravel for home decorate – BloomStone Manufacturer Factory (Yizheng)


Natural Crushed Black Gravel Pebble for Garden Landscaping

Crushed Black Gravel is a type of decorative gravel that features a deep, dark black color. This type of gravel is perfect for creating a striking contrast against lighter-colored landscaping and home decor elements.

Place of Origin:

Black Gravel can be sourced from a variety of locations, including quarries and riverbeds. Some of the most popular sources for this type of gravel include China,Mexico, South Africa, and the United States all over the world.


Black Gravel comes in a range of sizes, from small pebbles to larger stones. The size you choose will depend on the intended use of the gravel. For example, smaller stones may be used for pathways or as a ground cover, while larger stones may be used as a decorative accent.


Comfortably, Fish, Shrimp and other Aquarium Pets live. Its All-Natural, Eco-Friendly Material helps Recreate the look and feel of their Natural Habitats, Making them Happier and Healthier Aquarium Dwellers.
It can be used for Decorative Aquarium fish tank and Pet Habitat Decoration,Indoors and Outdoors, Home Decoration, Dried Flower Cuttings, etc .
It is a Good Gravel Ornament for your Garden ,Yard Garden Walkway or Aquarium Fish Tank.



10/15/18/20/25kg PVC bags
Tonne bags/Wooden Pallets/Wooden Crates

Port of dispatch:

less than a container: ship from Shanghai port

full containers: ship from Nanjing port


Our subsidiary factory is located in Yizheng city-one famous origin of rain flower pebbles. It is very convenient to reach Yangzhou port, Nanjing port, and Shanghai port. We have more than 50 employees; our factory covers an area of 10000 square meters, including about 2000 square meters of factory buildings. We own over 20 sets of processing machines with an annual production of 50 thousand tons of various pebble and gravel products, which makes us the largest local independent production factory the excellent market performance also enable us to be on the CCTV7 program in 2016 as the only river stone industry representative in Yizheng.

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Crushed Black Gravel
Crushed Black Gravel
Crushed Black Gravel
Crushed Black Gravel





0.5-1cm, 1-2cm, 2-3cm, 3-5cm


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