Coral Bone Sand Aquarium Fish Tank Filter Media Bottom Sand

Aquarium Coral Bone Sand aquarium Stones Sand Filtration Medium Biological Material Fish Farm Filtration for Keeping PH Filter Stones


Coral Bone Sand

Coral Sand

【Wide Application】Suitable for fresh water, sea water. Can be used for upper filter, filter bucket, tank bottom tank filter device, wall hanging filter.
【Keeping PH Steady】Coral sand contains alkaline substances, and the pH value after filtration is generally 7.0~8.5. The continuously released calcium ions provide high hardness and stable pH for seawater living.
【Good Filtering Effect】Rich in micropores. It has strong adsorption capacity of minerals and effectively adsorbs chlorine, nitrate and nitrous acid in water.
【Premium Material】Natural coral sand fast adsorbs tank chlorine, nitrate pores. Sustained release of calcium carbonate, shape, grain, and uneven size.
【Provide a Comfortable Living Environment】Its all-natural environmentally friendly materials contribute to the construction of natural habitats, but also far from the original ecological water quality.


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