17-19mm Blue Spray Colored Glass Beads Flat Glass Beads Glass Pebbles High Quality


Blue Spray Colored Glass Beads

Flat Glass Beads/Glass pebbles, also referred to as glass nuggets, are machine-made, flat glass beads in various colours and different sizes. The curved, polished surface of glass pebbles causes fascinating light refractions. Incident light makes our glass pebbles sparkle and shine, they are thus best suited for applications with light.
Our selection of glass marble will certainly meet your demands on colour variety, no matter how demanding the client might be. You will even find extraordinary colours like glass pebbles red, glass pebbles orange or glass nuggets amethyst in our assortment. 

Glass pebbles – for manufacturing glass terrazzo floorings
Garden glass – an extraordinary product for innovative garden design. 
Brand name
 Bloom Stone
Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Black
swimming pool decoration, road marking, garden
high quality glass
pvc bag+pallet
15-30 days
1 ton
Real stained glass, Colored, Transparent or Opaque
on request according to customer requirements
Glas pebbles 13-15 mm: 1kg = approx: 370 piecesGlas pebbles 17-20mm: 1kg = approx. 225 piecesGlas pebbles 28-30mm: 1kg = approx. ca. 72 pieces

1. Striking Color Variation: The Blue Spray Colored Glass Beads boast a striking color variation, resembling a captivating spray of blue hues. This dynamic range of colors adds depth and visual interest, making them ideal for a variety of creative projects.

2. Versatile Size Range: With a size range of 17-19mm, these glass beads and pebbles offer versatility in their applications. Their medium size makes them suitable for diverse uses, from crafting and jewelry making to decorative accents in various settings.

3. Jewelry Making Brilliance: Craft exquisite jewelry pieces with the Blue Spray Colored Glass Beads. Their vibrant colors and flat, smooth surfaces make them perfect for creating stunning necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other accessories that radiate elegance and charm.

4. Mosaic Art and Craft Projects: Artists and crafters can explore the artistic potential of these glass beads in mosaic art and craft projects. Their unique color pattern allows for the creation of intricate designs and patterns, adding a touch of sophistication to creative endeavors.

5. Home Décor Accents: Enhance your home décor with the vibrancy of Blue Spray Colored Glass Beads. Use them as decorative accents in vases, bowls, or scatter them on tabletops to infuse your living space with a burst of color and visual appeal.

Blue Spray Colored Glass Beads

6. Aquarium and Terrarium Beautification: In aquariums and terrariums, these glass beads serve as beautiful embellishments. Their vibrant blue colors contribute to the underwater or miniature landscape, creating an eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing environment.

7. Garden Pathway Elegance: Transform garden pathways and outdoor spaces with the charm of Blue Spray Colored Glass Beads. Their versatile size and vibrant colors make them an attractive choice for adding elegance to garden designs and outdoor landscaping.

8. DIY and Creative Innovations: Unleash your creativity in DIY projects and creative innovations using these glass beads. From custom artwork to innovative home projects, their unique color variation offers endless possibilities for expressing your artistic flair.

9. Centerpieces and Table Settings: Create captivating centerpieces and table settings by incorporating Blue Spray Colored Glass Beads. Whether arranged in decorative bowls or scattered around floral arrangements, they add a touch of sophistication to dining and event settings.

Immerse yourself in the world of vibrant elegance with 17-19mm Blue Spray Colored Glass Beads, flat glass beads, and glass pebbles. Whether crafting jewelry, embellishing décor, or exploring creative projects, these beads offer a spectrum of possibilities to elevate your artistic expressions.

About Us

Bloom Stone, founded in 2008 and located in Yizheng, Jiangsu, is a leading factory specializing in the production and export of decorative stone and glass. With a vast facility spanning over 5000 square meters, our factory is equipped with advanced machinery and technology, making us the largest exporter of pebbles in the local region. Our international reach extends to markets in North America, the Middle East, Australia, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Japan-Korea.


We take pride in our integrated approach to production and trade, offering a competitive advantage with direct sourcing, a comprehensive management system, and strict quality control. Our product range includes polished pebbles, washed pebbles, Snow White collection, glass spheres, and various other decorative stone and glass products. We are committed to delivering excellence, innovation, and personalized solutions to meet the diverse needs of our global clientele.


If you have specific details or preferences you’d like to include, please let me know, and I’ll be happy to tailor the introduction accordingly.


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