17-19mm Flat Marble Vase Gems/Marbles/Stones/Beads for Vase Filler, Table Scatter, Games-Black Glass Pebbles

Elevate your décor with the modern elegance of black flat glass beads and glass pebbles. Their sleek surfaces make them perfect for contemporary interior design accents, enhancing wall art, mirrors, and DIY home décor. In aquascaping, they provide understated yet impactful accents for aquariums and terrariums.


Black Glass Pebbles

Black glass pebbles
Black glass pebbles

Color-Size – 3/4 Inch Blck Color
Quality – Only the highest quality colored glass to ensure that color doesn’t come off even after years of use. Since no dyes, paints, or other methods of artificial coloring is used. Our Gems are guarantee non-toxic lead-free.
Uses – Although many have used these gemstones for games and collectibles, the primary purpose of the gems is for vase fillers. These reusable glass gemstones are a perfect fit for floral displays while serving the purpose to holding stems in place.
Looks – Having Glass and Light are the perfect match and harmony when it comes to Decor. Especially these gems which has its own characteristics when exposed to light. Strongly enhances the beauty of the vase holding these gemstones.
Occasions – Not only are they great for mosaics, but they’re also terrific for crafts and home decor accents. These glass gems have an iridized finish to them, giving them a bit of sparkle. Our Gems are carefully made one at a time making them unique and fun.


Black flat glass beads and glass pebbles stand out as versatile and chic decorative elements, providing a sleek and sophisticated touch to various applications.

**1. Modern Elegance:

The flat and smooth surfaces of black glass beads exude modern elegance. Whether used individually or in combination, they add a touch of sophistication to any setting, making them a perfect choice for contemporary décor.

**2. Vase Fillers and Floral Arrangements:

As vase fillers, black flat glass beads bring a sense of refinement to floral arrangements. Their flat profile allows for a seamless arrangement at the base of flowers, enhancing the visual appeal of bouquets and centerpieces with a modern and polished touch.

**3. Table Centerpieces:

Create stylish and contemporary table centerpieces by incorporating black glass beads. Whether scattered across dining tables or elegantly arranged in decorative bowls, they serve as eye-catching focal points, elevating the overall aesthetic of dining and event spaces.

**4. Mosaic Art and Craft Projects:

Artists and crafters often embrace black flat glass beads for mosaic art and craft projects. Their uniform shape and sleek surface make them ideal for creating intricate patterns, designs, and artworks that boast a minimalist and modern aesthetic.

**5. Aquarium and Terrarium Accents:

In aquascaping, black glass beads become understated yet impactful accents in aquariums and terrariums. Their dark color provides a stylish and neutral backdrop, allowing aquatic plants and creatures to stand out while maintaining a contemporary look.

flat glass beads

**6. Jewelry and Fashion Accessories:

Black flat glass beads find their place in the world of fashion as stylish components for jewelry and accessories. Whether strung together as a necklace or incorporated into earrings and bracelets, they add a touch of sophistication to personal style.

**7. Interior Design Accents:

In interior design, black flat glass beads serve as versatile accents. From adorning wall art to enhancing decorative mirrors or lamp bases, their sleek appearance complements modern design themes, contributing to a cohesive and stylish interior.

**8. DIY Home Décor:

DIY enthusiasts can explore various home décor projects using black flat glass beads. Whether embedded in resin creations, used in candle holders, or incorporated into custom wall art, their versatility allows for the infusion of a contemporary aesthetic into DIY creations.

glass gems
glass gems

**9. Pathway and Garden Design:

For outdoor landscaping, black glass beads add a touch of modernity to pathways and garden designs. Used as ground cover or strategically placed in garden borders, they create a visually striking contrast against greenery, contributing to a sleek and sophisticated outdoor space.

Black flat glass beads and glass pebbles, with their sleek surfaces and modern appeal, offer a timeless and sophisticated addition to décor, art, and creative projects. Their versatility allows them to seamlessly integrate into a wide range of settings, bringing a touch of understated elegance to each application.

black flat glass beads
black flat glass beads


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