Colored sand help you realize your dreams

Hundreds of jars of dyed sand preserve the swirling colors of the pre-twilight skyline.
Humans have an urge to preserve the happy moments of life – Carly Gloven Carly Glovinski fills the sky by filling the sky at the end of the day.Rich, swirling gradient bottling in response. what she is doing.
The CanningtheSunset project is the New Hampshire-born.
The artist started March 2020 in a reusable glass jar.Layering hand-painted sand to capture the last hours before dusk of light.
Stored in hundreds of containers of different shapes and sizes, granular ingredients
Ranging from subtle pastel tones to vibrant oranges and yellows, “for Periods of scarcity “allocate fleeting hues.” The sun sets in the blink of an eye each day.
The passing moments leave color in the sky, slipping down like grains of sand in an hourglass.behind the horizon. Trying to capture it, control it, or possess it is futile
Yes, it is impossible.

But colored sand can help you make that dream comes true.

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